Gavin Silkstone, Director, Support Services, Spinnaker SupportGavin Silkstone, Director, Support Services
For the vast majority of SAP customers, the migration of on-premise enterprise software to the cloud will be difficult and inevitable. But the greater challenge may be to determine when is the right time to make the move. Today, SAP cloud replacement solutions are not yet a full featured ECC replacement option, and S/4HANA requires a costly re-implementation that can take years to complete. Meanwhile, SAP support for on-premise software is becoming harder to justify as maintenance costs rise and service levels decrease. Which is why, in this period of uncertainty, organizations are looking for more cost-effective support alternatives for their existing SAP implementations.

Based on the simple concept that “support should be supportive,” Spinnaker Support has delivered third-party support for hundreds of SAP instances across the globe. Since 2012, the company has supported a wide range of extended ERP products and technologies, including Business Objects and other BI applications, Sybase Database, and HANA Database.

Third-party SAP support is a proven service that delivers immediate cost savings, improved quality of support, and control over the pace and direction of your IT roadmap. Under a lifetime support policy, Spinnaker Support offers break-fix support for standard and custom code, tax and regulatory updates, seven-point security protection, technology advisory services, and general inquiry support without any conditions to upgrade or migrate.

Spinnaker Support’s deep expertise helps organizations achieve their strategic technology objectives and win deep cost savings on their annual SAP maintenance fees.
Shawn Du Plessis, Vice President, SAP Global Support Services
“From day one of switchover, our customers save an average of 62 percent,” says Gavin Silkstone, director, support services at Spinnaker Support. “They can realize additional savings by escaping unnecessary upgrades and reducing internal staff workload. Customer satisfaction rate exceeds 98% year-after-year because our experienced SAP engineers respond swiftly to solve a wider array of complex product and technology stack issues.”

Spinnaker Support assigns a dedicated account support lead and team of highly experienced engineers based on each customer’s unique application landscape, geographic footprint, internal staff capability level, and IT objectives. The team understands the client’s exact requirements and resolves issues efficiently, with no finger-pointing. Engineers respond in less than 15-minutes, whether for the SAP standard or customized code, or anywhere in the technology stack. Unlike SAP, Spinnaker Support offers a concierge approach to support, addressing and resolving issues even if they include custom code or interoperability with external programs.

Customers can benefit from third-party support in different ways. The United Kingdom’s largest water and water recycling company failed after multiple attempts to negotiate needed cost reductions with SAP. They approached and chose Spinnaker Support based on its flexible commercial terms and depth of SAP support and saved over 60 percent in annual SAP support fees. In another case, a leading organization in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software was paying high SAP support fees but not receiving patches or enhancements for compliance. After assessing the company’s SAP applications and integration points, Spinnaker Support customized patches specific for their environment and dramatically decreased their time for service pack installation and deployment.

No matter what is driving the need, Spinnaker Support offers higher quality support at a lower cost. SAP customers can redirect the savings to improve their bottom lines, realign internal resources to more strategic initiatives, or accelerate innovation and cloud migrations. Spinnaker Support also provides customers with a way to retain control of their IT roadmaps. By preventing or postponing SAP’s permanent vendor lock-in, customers can buy the time to carefully consider their path either with or without SAP software solutions.

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